It is known that most people drink coffee, in the morning, at lunch and sometimes even in the afternoon. It’s a drink that it’s perfect for all the moments of the day and it doesn’t matter if someone drinks it at home or at the bar. Anyway, hot coffee may be perfect for all the seasons of the year, but in the summer, it may not be the best choice for someone to cool off. That’s a reason for baristas to make coffee on ice or cold coffees using different techniques.

All Iced Coffee Drinks: Cold Brew VS Iced Latte VS Frappe:

Some of these are: coffee shook, hot coffee then cooled in the bottle, and ice grenadine, but one of the most used one is cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee

With this technique, the coffee is prepared within a very long time and with a cold extraction, but this process allows the aromas to remain the same and the taste of coffee won’t change. For this process it is used a very special tool named Toddy is made of three parts: the upper one will contain the water that drop by drop will go down in the intermediate part where the coffee powder is contained and little by little in the lower part where the final product will be formed in a lower carafe. This process may take a while, up to 7/8 hours but after that, the coffee can be stowed in the refrigerator even for two or three days and consumed when needed. The name of the instrument used for this technique comes from an American, Todd Simpson who had a degree in chemical engineering and who decided the first parameters for the cold brew method as it is known nowadays.

Making it without the Toddy tool may seem impossible, but it is not, so here it is a way to make a cold brew at home.

Use a high-sided but large container. For an amazing cold brew experience it is best to use freshly ground coffee.  Measure the coffee and pour into the bottom, and after that, you have to pour the cold water gradually. Then you have to stir for a few minutes to make sure that everything mixes very well. Let it rest for 7 or 8 hours.

Once the necessary time has passed, take another container and, using a filter paper, pour in all the mixture: you will obtain a very intense cold extracted coffee. Before you can be consumed, it must be diluted again with water and be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 or 3 days.

Iced latte coffee

Iced latte coffee

Many people think that cold brew coffee and iced coffee are the same things, but they aren’t, they have a different process of preparation. They have something in common, such as they both contain coffee and water, but the technique is different. The iced coffee is hot coffee that is extracted and then cooled down, of course, the extraction technique may vary.

To understand exactly how to prepare iced coffee, we must assume that its extraction will follow the classic standard of typical “hot” extraction. Therefore, the difference lies in the duration of coffee and water contact, the temperature of the water itself, the degree of grinding, and the amount of coffee used. All of these will lead to a certain percentage of extraction, where the more coffee extracted, the bitter and richer the coffee. Conversely, the less extracted, the “lighter” and more acidic it is (removing the coffee used, will greatly change the degree and taste of the coffee).

There are many types of iced coffee, such as Espresso Shakerato, Japanese Iced Coffee, Iced Coffee Vietnamese, but the most famous is the Iced Latte. For the last one, you will only need an espresso machine, to make the coffee, milk, sugar, ice, and some syrup can be added if wanted.

First, you have to pour the ice into a glass and then add the milk until it arrives at the ice level. After this, you pour a couple of teaspoons of sugar and then you make 2 cups of espresso that will be added into the glass with milk and ice. It is best to let the drink sit and cool for some minutes and then it will be ready to be enjoyed.



Frappe, you have definitely heard of it at least once in your life, it is one of the most famous coffee-based drinks. It may also be one of the most simple and fastest drinks to make, it is prepared with coffee, cream, and ice, these are the basic ingredients, but it also has a variety of others to choose from.

The first arrival on the market of this drink was in the second half of the nineties and did not have a lot of success. Years passed and it was continuously improved and perfected so that in the end it has reached its popularity. Like other drinks, Frappe can be easily made at home in just a few steps, you will definitely need a blender.

Just put a cup of whole milk into the blender and add the ingredients of your choice. After selecting the basic ingredients for Frappe, simply operate the blender at maximum power for 5 minutes, and once the desired consistency is reached, transfer the mixture to a goblet.

If you don’t want to use cold milk, there are many variations to choose from: ice cream yogurt, or even cream, if you want a more delicious flavor. In order to get colder results, you can also add 2-3 ice cubes.

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