A soft sweet food item that is made from a mixture of eggs, flour, fats, and other ingredients called dough and typically baked or fried mostly in a round shape is called cake. The second name of the cake is a celebration. The cake is an essential part of every event and occasion. Singapore is a country that celebrates any occasion with full enjoyment and happiness.

Cakes in Singapore are a must for celebrating every event. The most delicious birthday cakes in Singapore are designed to bring happiness and to express emotions and feelings in a truly good way.

Classification Of Cakes In Singapore

Birthday cake

Cakes come in many types but Most cakes in Singapore are classified into two types.

Butter Cake: Butter cake is also famous as a shortened cake. It usually contains high fat because butter and cream have fat content.

Foam Cake: on the other hand foam cake has low fat. In its preparation usually, a large portion of eggs is used.

Categories Of Cakes In Singapore

Various categories of cakes in Singapore are known. We make a list of some basic types of cakes in Singapore there:

Pound Cake

Pound cake is related to cream cake. This cake in Singapore has many variations like coffee cake, fruit crumb cakes, and sour cream cake. Pound cake is normally baked in a Bundt pan and loaf.

Sponge Cake

Sponge cake contains a lot of white eggs or whipped eggs. In its preparation baking, soda or baking powder is not used. There are many types of sponge cakes in Singapore that are in trend. This cake relates to foam cake.

Biscuit Cake

Biscuit cake is a type of foam cake. This cake in Singapore is prepared with both white and yolks which are beaten separately and after being beaten mix them with other ingredients. It is a very chewy cake.

Angel Food Cakes

Angel food cake in Singapore is made just with egg whites without egg yolks. This cake relates to foam cake. There is no butter used in this cake, that’s the way the cake is fat-free.

Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake in Singapore is a kind of between oil cake and sponge cake. It includes vegetable oil, baking powder, and egg white. it relates to the cream cake.

Occasions Of Celebration With Cake In Singapore

Cake In Singapore

The cake is a popular and well-known dessert in the whole world to use for many events. Different parties and functions are considered incomplete without having cake. Now we are going to describe where cake in Singapore is a must.


Weeding is a special event in every person’s life and necessary to celebrate it with a sweet and soft dessert which is surely cake. Wedding cakes in Singapore serve as they make on a long dessert table while some of them only make dessert at their venue. Cake in Singapore always is a part of a significant occasion where a new chapter of life is going on starting with the sweet taste of the cake.

Baby Showers

Whenever you have a new member in your life, the first thing to plan is a cake to celebrate this joy. At this ceremony cake in Singapore is a must to celebrate the happy and special moment. A unique and delicious cake is necessary for you and your guests to enjoy.


To straighten the relationship between husband and wife cake in Singapore is a must at the time of the anniversary. This special moment is enjoying love and cutting a cake with your partner. The sweetness of cake increases love and happiness in a couple.


Cake in Singapore plays an important role on the day of Christmas. Whether you are going to your friend, family or somewhere as a guest, it is a must to buy and take others’ houses. Christmas cannot be complete without a delicious cake in Singapore. After a meal, the cake is cut and enjoyed by everyone.


A birthday is complete with a birthday cake. If the cake is missing then the party will be the same as the usual day’s party. With birthday cake in Singapore, a child or adult feels a special day that happens once a year. In a gathering of all friends having a fantastic cake, a birthday party is completed and everyone enjoys this day. Now, many creative and special cakes can easily be found which match the birthday themes.

Categories Of Birthday Cakes In Singapore

Cakes In Singapore

Birthday cakes in Singapore are designed in many different ways to increase happiness. Fluffy and delicious cakes in Singapore are memorable. Here we presented some famous birthday cakes in Singapore. From here you can select for your birthday that matches your flavor.

Black Forest Gateau

Black forest gateau birthday cake in Singapore never fails to impress any birthday party. With an upper layer of soft chocolate sponge under whipped cream, this cake is marvelous in look and taste.

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple cake is mostly liked as a birthday cake in Singapore. A fully golden cake layered with whipped cream and decorated with juicy pineapple slices.

Eggless Truffle Cake

For chocolate lovers, eggless truffle birthday cake in Singapore is a blessing. This delicious chopped dark chocolate truffle is made without eggs.

Coffee Cake With Mocha Frosting

Coffee cake with mocha frosting is a delicious birthday cake in Singapore and is loved by coffee lovers. This cake is wrapped with creamy coffee and dark chocolate.

Mango Meringue Cake

This birthday cake in Singapore is liked by everyone at a birthday party. Mango Meringue cake is a unique combination of mascarpone cheese and mango slices. This cake has a beautiful look.

On every occasion, Bread Garden can help you to celebrate any kind of cake for you. They offer all categories of birthday cake in Singapore of your choice. It is a halal-certified bakery that specializes in all kinds of bakery items, and cakes for every event. So, visit there to buy cake and a special birthday cake to increase your happiness.

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