Commercial target tops play a crucial role in restaurant businesses. Restaurant owners often get commercial target tops to make cooking a lot easier. However, if it is your first time creating a restaurant business, then investing in one is very important. Here you go to the ultimate buying guide for commercial target tops.

Commercial target tops play a crucial role in your kitchen. It keeps the chef cooking without any worries. Aside from that, commercial target tops are created to make food simultaneously. Hence, finding the best one is one of the most crucial parts when starting a restaurant business

With this in mind, we are going to talk about commercial target tops and how to choose them right. Hopefully, this article can help you find the commercial target top that you need in your kitchen.

A commercial target top: the Definition

target top

Before we talk about the best features in target tops, we need to talk about the commercial target top. The commercial target top is a flat stove top where you can cook several foods at the same time. One of the best things about the commercial target top is that it can cook food on constant heat. That is one of the reasons why restaurant owners should invest in a commercial target top.

Buying guide for commercial target tops

Power Source

One of the most important things to consider when you choose a commercial target top is the power source. There are some commercial targets top that is electric-powered while some are gas-powered. There are several pros and cons when using these two. Hence, you need to understand which of these two will work out for you and your restaurant. Electric-powered target tops use electricity to cook while gas-powered ones often use gas to cook. Gas-powered are often economical while electric-powered ones are safer and more convenient.


Another thing that you need to consider is the size of the commercial target tops. They come in various sizes and dimensions. This way, you can fit them properly in your commercial kitchen. You can opt for the countertop target tops or the floor-standing target tops. Some of the floor-standing target tops are equipped with other features. Countertop target tops are perfect for small kiosks in the middle of the city. They are easy to store and easy to maintain.


Space is another factor to consider as well. Commercial kitchens come in different sizes. For example, if you have a mobile kitchen that is always on the go, you should invest in smaller commercial target tops. You can opt for target tops that are for counters. If you want to get extra space and a built-in oven, tiny floor-standing commercial target tops can work as well.

Commercial target tops

Added features

Another thing that you need to know about commercial target tops is their added features. Many commercial target top makers would offer more spaces and features on your floor-standing target tops. Ian Boer offers customized orders on their commercial target tops. Some restaurant owners would ask for built ovens, some would ask for extra shelving and space under their floor standing commercial target tops. This way, their clients have all the things that they need in just one space.


Lastly, price is another factor to take into consideration. It is no secret that commercial target tops are expensive. You must have an extra budget for this one. That way, you can buy the best one to suit your needs.

Is it worth the investment?

Is investing in a commercial target top for your commercial kitchen a good investment? Yes, it’s a good investment. One of the best things about commercial target tops is that it helps you cook the food evenly. You rest assured that the foods you are making are done well and not half-heartedly.

Aside from the cooking efficiency, it also saves you time and effort. It allows you to cook in larger yields. You don’t have to rush cooking one menu to another. You can have the best commercial target top to help you fry tons of food while making other cuisines as well. If you are buying one with a built-in oven, it allows you to bake while cooking.

It is a great investment with faster turnaround. You can cook in large yields without worrying about overcook or undercook steaks.

Where can we buy to best commercial target top for our commercial kitchen?

There are tons of stores that offer commercial target tops in Australia. However, if you want the best commercial target top for a fair price, then we suggest that you get your commercial target tops from Ian Boer.

This brand is one of the best makers of commercial kitchen equipment in Australia. They offer tons of designs and allow customized orders for different commercial target tops.

best target top

You can add extra other spaces in your floor standing target tops. Sometimes, you can add a built-in oven. Ian Boer knows that having the best equipment and place most conveniently can help you get things done.

Customized orders may be a little pricey. However, with the efficiency of your commercial target top, it is definitely worth the price. Make sure to check out Iam Boer now and see what commercial kitchen equipment you need in your small business.


Commercial target tops are one of the most efficient ways how you can run your business. Make sure that you invest in one now. With commercial target tops, you can run your kitchen with efficiency and ease. Plus, the additional features make your job easy. Save up! Invest in the best commercial target top in Ian Boer. You can check out the other available commercial targets top on their website. Let us know which of these commercial target tops would work out for you! Call us now and get the best commercial target top that your commercial kitchen needs.

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