There is an old-school charm about cooking food outdoors. This is why the demand for portable grills continues to prevail even after all these years and regardless of the presence of fully-equipped kitchen spaces and equipment.

As a result, the market is full of different grills that serve varying purposes. However, the availability of multiple grills tends to overwhelm individuals who plan to buy their first portable grill. While portability is a crucial pointer that most buyers weigh in order to buy a grill, several other pointers should be considered to make their purchase more worthwhile.

For instance, from model design to material and space, grills come in different varieties and fit varying requirements in different ways. Take a quick look at these pointers below to pick a grill that allows you to enjoy eating outdoors in the best way!

Weigh In These Factors Before Buying A Grill

Weigh in these factors before buying a grill

There are several factors to consider before buying a grill. Here are the key features you should keep in mind before purchasing a model from mygrillworld:

  • Size And Portability: Be it small portable grills that can fit in the back of your car’s trunk or bigger ones that need two people to get moved around, grills come in different sizes. The ease of carrying it around makes picnics and barbecues in a place with a great view more amazing and helps one enjoy eating outdoors to the fullest. Regardless, it would help if you weighed in the required deck space and how portable your choice of the portable grill is before purchasing it.
  • Material: Today, grills are available in various materials. However, stainless steel and enameled with case iron are among the most popular options. At the same time, both are almost similar in terms of performance, the configuration of grates, and even maintenance. The primary difference lies in longevity.

small portable grills

Now typically the iron grills tend to crack or chip over time and are prone to rust. However, the ones in stainless steel are relatively impervious to rust, heat, and salt. Also, grill grates with chrome plates are not durable but cheap.

  • Fuel: Before purchasing a grill, make up your mind about which fuel you prefer the most. Some of the most popular fuel options for grills include charcoal, gas, propane, and wood pellet. Electric grills are also popular among users these days. Note that charcoal briquettes are easy to find; however, the downside is that some might say it is difficult to light. On the other hand, the gas grill runs on either natural gas or propane and needs a gas connection to operate. Then again, cooking on wood pellets, grills, and even lump charcoal is known to add a flavor to the food. Unfortunately, they are not easy to find. Also, with electric grills, the limitation lies in the need to plug them into an outlet.
  • BTUs: Typically, British Thermal Unit or BTU is a measurement of energy widely accepted and used across the United States for rating gas grills, AC, and energy stoves. Note that higher grill BTUs burn more fuel and produce relatively more heat. So, a grill with high BTU might not be the best choice all the time. Then again, aluminum grills tend to heat up and cool down faster.
  • Cooking Area: Pay attention to the grill’s cooking area you intend to purchase. Find out what the manufacturer has to say about the model regarding how many items it can fit and cook. Typically, grills with larger areas are ideal for cooking larger pieces of meat such as turkey and chicken. However, you should also weigh in if you have enough space to accommodate a large grill.
  • Cost: Last but not least, the cost of the portable grill should also be on your priority list. Make sure to choose a portable grill that fits your budget. Though the less expensive models might have fewer features, they are often smaller, lighter, and more portable. The expensive ones often need a larger area and are either heavier to move around or are more likely to be fixated in one place. This makes smaller ones be more suited for those who intend to transport grills or store the model in between use.

Indeed, basic grills will help get your food cooked, but with the help of a few accessories, you can enhance its taste further. For instance, rotisseries, side burners, fuel gauges, side tables, gas ignition, and integrated thermometer are a few such accessories. Hence, keep these pointers in mind when looking for a great grill to purchase and enjoy eating outdoors every season.

eating outdoor every season

Check out now for more intel about the best portable grills in the market and how to make the most of them for your barbeque needs!

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