Eggs are low in calories, carbohydrates but high in protein making it a great meal for those looking to lose weight. The boiled egg diet is a program intended to lose weight and as the name suggests, it consists of eggs. There are different variants of the boiled egg diet like only egg, egg and grapefruit and more. The egg diet is also referred to as boiled egg diet since it is recommended to have eggs in the form of hard-boiled due to its benefits.

Whatever variant of the diet you choose, three meals a day and zero calorie beverages will be your salvation to losing weight. Let’s look at the boiled egg diet and see some of the benefits associated with it.

The boiled-egg diet

The egg diet emerged from Keto diet, a trend that has recently caught on. So, what makes the boiled egg diet the talk of the town?

Benefits of boiled eggs

The benefits of boiled eggs far outweigh any benefits received from eggs prepared in other ways. This means that the boiled egg diet is a substantially beneficial diet than other types of egg diets. Eggs are filled with yummy goodness with nutrients like lean protein ensuring that you get your fill without any urges to eat more. This is great for weight loss. It also has vitamin D in it which is an essential requirement for bones, keeping it healthy and strong. By removing the yolk from boiled eggs, one can eliminate the cholesterol making it a great meal for the heart. Eggs also have antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties while it helps in improving mental health.

What to eat during the egg diet?

The boiled egg diet, as mentioned earlier, involves zero-calorie beverages such as water, tea without sugar and black coffee. Besides eggs, the diet revolves around leafy greens like kale, spinach, fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Weight watchers can also add other sources of lean protein in the boiled egg diet like chicken and fish.

What to avoid during the egg diet?

Like other kinds of diet, there are things that one must avoid in order to achieve the best results possible. In the egg diet, sugar and alcohol is a complete no no. Carbohydrates that have been finely refined like pasta and bread also need to be avoided. Since sugar is a no-go territory for those on the boiled egg diet, this makes all sweets and confectionaries out of bounds. Beverages high in calories like juices, milk and other drinks are not recommended.

Having hard boiled eggs in the egg diet is very convenient as it is the only form of eggs that can be refrigerated and used later on in dishes like salads for example. However, other forms of eggs like scrambled, omelettes, poached, fried and more can be substituted in place of hard-boiled eggs to bring a bit of variety into the diet and keep things interested. Switch ups like these can keep you motivated in completing the 14-day boiled egg diet.

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