It’s true what they say: the kitchen is the heart of the home!

It’s where the family spends most of their time and where guests are likely to congregate. Therefore, it should be a place where someone should feel invited and comfy. Also, it should be a place that reflects the homeowner’s personality and style.

Since light coloured kitchen cabinets look best in the kitchen, you can opt for them from a renowned manufacturer like Caesarstone.

For those who prefer an airy and light kitchen, a whimsical or happy place, or a place that feels cozy and rustic, the initial point should be to establish a colour scheme paired best with light kitchen cabinets.

Of course, an all-white kitchen will always remain a classic, but it’s good to add some colour even in small, tiny kitchens.

Choosing a kitchen cabinet material is difficult enough, but colours that go well with light coloured kitchen cabinets are downright anxiety-provoking. Do you want to maintain a neutral tone? Want to try something new? Or perhaps stick to a classic colour scheme? The possibilities are unlimited, but we’ve gathered some ideas to help you narrow them down.


Green Kitchen Cabinets

When used in big amounts on cabinets or walls, green elevates the kitchen’s look. Reflective white surfaces, such as tile and stone, and metallic gold accessories, such as cabinet hardware, faucets, and light fixtures, will project a rich shade. The gleaming finishes will reflect light and give your kitchen a little sparkle.

Grey and white kitchens

The grey and white colour combination has been at the top of the trends chart for quite some time and is still going strong as we enter the second decade of the century.

Grey, unlike wood, gives everything a sense of metropolitan elegance. White can create a warm, inviting atmosphere, while varied shades of grey can be employed to switch between styles and themes. The simplest and most popular option is grey for the kitchen cabinets and island while keeping the backdrop white.

Citron + stainless steel + black

A high-energy citron colour created by combining yellow and green can make a dramatic impression in kitchen colour schemes. Also, you can add subway-tiled walls in an electric tone for a rich feel. Stainless steel lower cabinets and appliances can give your kitchen a sleek and aesthetic appeal.

Black and white

The white and black combination is always a classic. It looks great even today! The colour combination of black and white in the kitchen is simple and balanced. When black is combined with light kitchen cabinets, it gives a more aesthetic appeal.

Pair white core pieces with black accents to create a timeless look. Incorporate a black-and-white backsplash, wallpaper, or tile flooring to provide even more visual intrigue.


Pair pink with pure white light coloured kitchen cabinets to seamlessly incorporate pink into your kitchen. The outcome is a light, airy atmosphere. Start with pink accents like dish towels, art works, furniture and other decorations, then opt for pink cabinets or a backsplash if you’re feeling adventurous.


furniture for the kitchen,

For those who love the rustic look in their kitchen but don’t want to feel too rustic, consider pairing light coloured wood cabinets with dusty, soft blue. It’s a perfect complement that won’t overpower the light kitchen cabinets.

Washed turquoise and buttery yellow

Just because kitchens are functional rooms doesn’t mean they should be boring, sterile, or quiet.

Instead, give the kitchen a slightly weathered look by combining buttery yellow walls with washed turquoise countertops. This combination will create a warm backdrop for the rest of the kitchen.

A bright and striking kitchen colour combination is navy blue and gold. The kitchen colour scheme is peppy when blue is used on an island or base cabinets, and sparkly gold elements such as hardware and fixtures. A grey tile backsplash sets off the bright kitchen island, and the colour palette is tied together by framed artwork.

The do’s and don’ts of kitchen colour schemes

For those who are thinking of adding colour to their kitchen with light coloured cabinets, here are some tips they should keep in mind:


  • Do recognize that even if you have the most stunning cabinets and counters in the kitchen, it can still benefit from the colour. Even the slightest colour tint can transform a boring kitchen design into an aesthetic and interesting space.
  • Consider using lighting fixtures to add colour. There’s no need to opt for brilliantly coloured pendants, while art glass and Tiffany-style pendants are lovely. Brushed gold, bronze, and black are now popular metallics for light fixtures. Soft gold light fixtures can offer enough colour to your kitchen colour plan to give it depth.
  • For a kitchen wall or door, consider chalkboard paint. In most hues, most paint manufacturers now offer chalkboard formulations. With a flash of colour, you may receive the fun and convenience of having an area to write or doodle on the wall. If you’re not ready to commit to a chalkboard paint colour on your entire wall, a framed DIY blackboard in your favorite colour will suffice.
  • Before decorating, do consider learning the basics of warm vs. cool colours. Recognizing the colour basics will help a lot in choosing the right colour to be combined with light coloured cabinets.
  • Keep an eye on the undertones. Understanding how to paint undertones will protect against a lot of headaches later on for colour combinations that don’t appear to work. All colours, even neutrals, have a colour undertone that can give an otherwise neutral area a grey, green, or even pink tint.
  • Have some colour fun. colourful decorations and plates add a splash of style. A wine glass rack on the wall is a fashionable way to add colour. Fill your stemware rack with brightly coloured stemware to brighten up your space.

Cabinet Design


  • Add vibrant colour to the kitchen. Yes, that appears to go against the current white and grey kitchen style, but not every kitchen is the same.
  • In your kitchen, don’t be afraid to employ grey wall colours. Beach-style colour schemes look great in grey or grey-blue. Dark cabinetry and flooring complement warm greys or greige beautifully.

Final words

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme that pairs perfectly with the light kitchen cabinets, there is no limit! There are thousands of options available in the market. Read our guide thoroughly, and you will know which colour will suit your light kitchen cabinets best.

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