For anyone that cooks a large amount of rice or wants to simply make prepping their meals that bit easier, a high-quality rice cooker is a great cooking accessory to add to your kitchen space. Some of the best Aroma models out there come with technologically advanced settings and features that all work to ensure that your rice will come out perfect each and every time that you cook it. Additionally, by cooking your rice in a rice cooker, it means that there is more space on your stove to cook other foodstuffs. They are the ideal accessory for small apartments or university dorms where cooking space is at a premium.

Many of the models nowadays come with the ability to perform extra tasks, such as cook soups and even steam vegetables. However, because some of these accessories are now so advanced and can perform a wide range of different tasks, it can be difficult to know which exact model to buy when you are in the market for one. For information on the best models available, click here.

Rice Cooker Types

Aroma Rice Cookers

Rice cookers come in all shapes and sizes and at price points to suit all budgets. Some of the most common types that are currently available on the market include the following:

  • Micom – these types are pretty advanced and usually pretty expensive as a result. They come with sophisticated microchips that help to cook the rice just perfectly, adjusting the temperature and cooking time accordingly. Micoms are also useful for other types of cooking tasks that are required within the kitchen.
  • Conventional – the most popular model that there is, conventional rice cookers come with standard components in them. The way that they work is pretty simple, with just a heated plate and a timer to get the job done. Some conventional models do come with more advanced features and settings, such as keep warm, delay, and automatic shut off. They come in a range of different sizes with the smallest being just 3 cups and the largest being up to 60 cups for use in commercial kitchens.
  • Microwave – these are relatively inexpensive and work by keeping the steam produced inside of the rice cooker. They can also be used to steam other food stuff also.

Things To Look For With Rice Cookers

Things To Look For With Rice Cookers

When deciding on a particular model of the rice cooker to buy, there are a number of things that you should look out for so that you ensure what you are buying is actually going to be of some use for producing the perfect rice.

This includes functions and features such as having an inner pot that is non stick, texture settings to produce soft or firm rice, parts that can be washed inside of a dishwasher, slow cook or simmer functionality, lighting indicators, a non-scratch surface or parts, the ability to cook other foodstuff, digit controls, and general capabilities that suit what you need.

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