Research shows food, mood, and study outcomes are interlinked. Students who eating healthy foods have improved memory and get high grades. Many students begin to learn to make independent decisions after joining college. Since they are not used to shopping for groceries, some opt for snacks.

Excessive snacking is associated with many health challenges. It contributes to excessive weight gain and lack of hunger for proper meals. Due to the health benefits, students should plan to eat healthy meals all the time.

Drivers of Different Eating Habits Among College Students

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The main driver of eating is hunger, but other factors affect the choices of food to eat. A recent study shows that being overweight is a major challenge for many college students. They gain weight quickly in their first year in college due to poor diet choices. Common barriers that affect good choices for college student diet plans are:

  • Lack of time: Most learners understand the importance of healthy eating. Unfortunately, they lack enough time to prepare healthy college students’ diets.
  • Too much snacking: Learners consume a lot of snacks which drives away their appetite to eat good meals.
  • Affordability of healthy diets: Healthy college student diet plans are costly. Due to this, many students look for cheaper, unhealthy alternatives.
  • Easy access to junk food: Fast food joints are easily accessible and offer friendly costs.
  • Social pressure: Being in a social group that loves the convenience of high-calorie food.

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Why Eating Healthy Food Is Necessary

Study shows food, learning, and mood are linked. Healthy food supports not only growth and development but also learning and mood. Nutrition experts advise college students should consume a lot of:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Legumes
  • White meat
  • Milk and milk products
  • Nuts

An increase in poor/ unhealthy food intake increases bad fats and sugars in the body. Such foods trigger bad emotions and moods, which leads to poor mental health. Learners who consistently consume poor diets have an 80% likelihood of developing depression. Many experts explain why eating healthy is important for college students. To help with that, campuses should set up healthy food vending machines so students can afford to eat healthily and at their convenience.

Developing A Healthy Body


Healthy eating promotes the development of a healthy body. A college student may desire to experience Italian food delicacies. Nevertheless, they do not have to make the wrong menu choices. Healthy eating provides a wide range of benefits to the body.

  • Improves the immune system
  • Enhances a healthy digestive system
  • Builds a strong heart
  • Improves skin texture
  • Supports better eyesight
  • Improves cognition and memory
  • Improves mood

Eating Healthy Leads to Improved Academic Performance

All college student diet plans should include healthy foods. It causes the body to feel satisfied, which helps the mind and body work better. Food acts as fuel for the body, which enhances its functions. When it is filled with bad fuel, its functionality is affected. When fed well, it improves memory, mood, and learning experience. The learner records enhanced performance.

Improves Sleep Patterns and Manages Weight

Too much weight can lead to depression, heart disease, and bad mood. It becomes hard for the affected person to exercise or study. Their sleep patterns get affected, and they hardly focus on their studies. College students’ diets need to be balanced to include all important nutrition. Healthy foods help with weight management and an active brain. That is why it is crucial for students to make healthy dinner options.

Maintains A Strong Physical Body

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A beautiful physical body increases the confidence of college students. The benefits of that confidence are seen in their socialization, study, and performance. A strong physical body is healthy. The learner remains active, which is beneficial to their health and learning outcomes.

Eating Healthy: Conclusion

Students make poor eating choices due to a variety of factors. They get influenced by peers or think healthy eating is costly. Some lack enough time to prepare good meals. Bad eating choices have many negative consequences. Students develop bad moods, gain weight, and perform poorly in academics. For better performance, it is necessary to make good eating habits. It improves memory, the physical body, and the heart.

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