Who doesn’t love fresh baked goods? While you could stop by the local bakery, nothing tastes quite as good as the ones you bake yourselves. A common concern amongst us baked goods lovers is that they “aren’t good bakers.” However, the only way to improve your baking skills is to have the baking essentials and practice–practice alone or practice with your kids. Make some cupcakes, cookies, or even a layered cake. The best part of the baking practice is that you get to eat what you make. In order to practice, it doesn’t hurt to have a fully stocked kitchen with all the baking tools that your recipes may require.

Baking Essentials You Should Have on Hand

1.   Measuring cups

When you walk down the baking tools aisle at the store, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the different types of measuring cups. Believe it or not, they each serve their own purpose. In order to improve your baking, it doesn’t hurt to expand your measuring cup collection.

Measuring cups

You’ll need a liquid measuring cup and a set of dry measuring cups. There are many options out there: from microwavable measuring cups to measuring cups designed to help measure sticky ingredients. And don’t forget about measuring spoons for those smaller measurements!

2.   Stainless steel mixing bowls

How do you decide what type of mixing bowl to buy? When it comes to baking, stainless steel

may be the way to go. Stainless steel mixing bowls are relatively inexpensive and durable. They

are ideal for whipping and mixing. Get a set of stainless steel bowls in a variety of sizes to cover

the bases of their use.

3.   Kitchen scale

When it comes to baking, precise measurements are crucial. While measuring cups can do the trick, a kitchen scale can help fine-tune your measuring. A kitchen scale will also allow you to follow a recipe written in grams without having to do those pesky mathematical conversions before you bake.

4.   Hand mixer

It’s nearly impossible to hand whisk a dough into what our recipe calls for. Electric mixers will save you so much time–and let’s not forget, make even fluffier and lighter cakes. Many electric hand mixers are relatively cost-effective.

5.   Rolling pin

You never know how important a rolling pin is until you need one. Keeping a rolling pin on hand can help yourself in the future. A tapered rolling pin can help to improve the consistency of your dough as you roll it out.

6.   Spatula

While the word spatula can bring a different image to mind for everyone, it doesn’t hurt to know your spatulas. There are turner spatulas for lifting your baked goods off your baking sheets. An offset spatula is essential for frosting a cake evenly and easily.


Rubber or silicone spatulas allow for flexibility as you scrape any remaining batter out of your bowl. Pro tip: keep more than one spatula on hand! They have different uses, and they can come in handy for various roles in the kitchen.

7.   Rimmed baking sheet

Invest in a few nice baking sheets. Rimmed baking sheets are important to make sure any baked goods don’t accidentally slip off the baking sheet as you pull them out of the oven.

While a cookie scoop may seem like an unnecessary investment, a cookie scoop ensures consistency when you’re making your signature chocolate chip cookies.

9.   Cooling rack

When baking multiple batches, a cooling rack can come in handy to keep the baking process flowing. Using a cooling rack allows for your baked goods to cool evenly, so you can dig into them even earlier.

10. Whisk

Every kitchen needs a whisk. When it comes to beating your eggs or mixing your dry ingredients together, a whisk is key. Get yourself a strong whisk to prevent its wires from getting bent out of shape.


A fully stocked kitchen can help make you feel more confident in the kitchen. While there are plenty of bells and whistles out there when it comes to baking tools, you can get away with making the most delicious cakes and cookies using these essential tools.

The Final Takeaway

If you are someone that is just starting out as far as baking is concerned, you should try to avoid doing it for important events like birthdays or anniversaries. This is because it is natural that you wont be that good the first couple of times around. If unfortunately, something goes wrong, make sure to turn to an online cake shop Dubai to help you with last minute deliveries!

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