America is a nation of sugar lovers. The average American adult eats 22 pounds of candy each year, including chocolate.

Amazing Cute Candy Shops

So it’s hardly surprising that you can find a candy shop in nearly every town across the country. However, we’ve compiled a list of four cute candy stores that are worth traveling to or making a stop at if you’re visiting the area.

1. Dylan’s Candy Bar—New York City, NY

Everywhere you look in Dylan’s Candy Bar is a reminder of candy, whether it’s the giant lollipops hanging from the ceiling over or the walls made to look like dripping chocolate. Although the chain has several locations, the flagship store on New York City’s Third Avenue has over 7,000 goodies to indulge in.

This includes flower-shaped chocolate lollipops, polka dot cake pops, gummy kebabs, and just about anything you can dream up.

2. The Parrot Confectionery—Helena, MT

The family-owned Parrot Confectionery has remained a fixture in downtown Helena for nearly a century. True to the time period that gave birth to it, it still features a soda fountain where “jerks” will whip up a cream soda, cherry coke, or other sweet frothy beverage for you. A working jukebox adds to the nostalgia factor.

The candy counter features over 130 treats including hand-dipped chocolates, candy apples, fudge, nut brittle, and more. You can also bring home assortment boxes of customer favorites. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the shop’s OTC machine churning out the goods.

3. Cravin’s Candy Emporium—Boise, ID

The name says it all. Situated in Southeast Boise’s Bown Crossing neighborhood, Cravin’s Candy Emporium is the perfect place to cave to your sweet tooth after shopping, renting a bike, or dining.

For over a decade, Cravin’s has been supplying customers with nostalgic, hard-to-find sweet treats and international favorites from the UK, Germany, Australia, Asia, and Mexico. This is in addition to over 500 kinds of bulk candies to scoop up as well as over 20 flavors of soda made with cane sugar.

If you’re not in a candy mood, there are two dozen tantalizing gelato flavors. Or you can try the store’s signature affogato: espresso poured over a scoop of your favorite gelato.

4. Sugarfina—Boston, MA

Sugarfina is proof that candy shops are not just for kids. Located in Boston’s Prudential Center, the store is known for its champagne, vodka, and bourbon-infused gummy bears. The Design Your Own Bento Box, where Tiffany blue boxes are filled with the beautiful candy samples of your choice, is the store’s most popular gift option.

Sugarfina specializes in custom candy gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t swing by this luxury confectionery store during your visit to Beantown to buy yourself something sweet and special.

Don’t Miss These Cute Candy Shops

Traveling is truly a sweeter experience when there’s a cute candy shop nearby to indulge in. These four candy shops across the country should satisfy your sugar craving and then some.

Still can’t get enough of the sweet stuff? Check out our snacks recipes for tasty treats you can make at home.

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