There’s always a new gadget making its way into our kitchens. More often than not, it claims to make life easier while slimming our waistlines.

That’s where Air Fryers enter the conversation.

All of us indulge in fried food more than we should, so who wouldn’t want to try a healthier way of frying chicken wings and fries?

We’re here because we’ve all seen our friends, family, and maybe even social media associates going on and on about how remarkable these things are. So, it’s only natural that we want to know how true it is, especially when they cost $85.00 and up!

Why People Love Them

Air fryers have gained popularity pretty quickly because they cook foods (even frozen) in record times. All of the heat stays inside and circulates in a way that cooks food items quickly and evenly.

This element or air fryers is what swayed the hearts of moms and dads across the globe because if you think about it, cooking is hard work. You’re standing for hours––cutting, frying, dabbing off oil. Then, you’ve got the added bonus of your legs starting to tighten and your back throbbing from being on your feet so long!

It doesn’t seem like it at the time, but cooking takes a lot out of you. It can leave your whole body feeling fatigued, and it’s the perfect reason to take some of your favorite CBD products while you’re cooking.

Have you ever tried CBD topicals? They take the discomfort out of any intense or tiring situation, but that’s a whole different conversation, so let’s get back to air fryers for the time being!

Another reason people love them is that the whole house doesn’t turn into an inferno when you want to cook. You know the scenario, you’re baking and cooking on the stovetop at the same time. Everyone in the house starts to sweat (especially in an apartment) because that heat is circulating throughout the home. You don’t have to worry about that with the air fryer! The heat stays where it needs to be!

We think the most important benefit of the air fryer is its ability to cook some of those unhealthy foods–– healthily. You don’t have to submerge your food in hot grease and feel bad about it for the next couple of days.

In a nutshell, these fryers are cutting down cooking time and making meals healthier.

Why Some Dislike Them (If Anyone Does, That Is)

This isn’t much of a “dislike”, but more of a learning curve that new air fryer users need to get used to. Since the temperatures are so high and the cooking times are short, most people who are getting used to the machine have less than savory meals the first few times around. Food can burn and dry out quickly, and you’ll waste time and money.

Foods People Love To Air Fry

French Fries: The air fryer is perfect for fries whether you’re cutting up potatoes and tossing them in or pulling frozen fries from the fridge.

Chicken Wings: Who doesn’t love a crispy chicken wing. The beauty of this is that you can even bread the wings, but if you’re looking to cut down on the calories, skip the breading. You also don’t have to worry about the grease popping you or oil ending up all over the floor from those little random pops of oil.

Salmon: You can take an excellent cut of salmon, rub it with some cajun seasoning, throw it in the air fryer, and have a piece of salmon like nothing you’ve experienced before!

Fried Veggies for Kiddos: Let’s be real parents––the only way we get our kids to eat veggies is by hiding them in other stuff. Whip up a quick tempura batter and fry up some tempura vegetables. You can even throw in some shrimp if you’re feeling fancy.

Where To Find The Best Air Fryer

Since we’re sitting here talking about how popular air fryers are, it’s no surprise that you can find them just about anywhere. They range in price, as low as $85.00, and go all the way up to about $200.00.

Here are some of the more popular ones on the market:

The Ninja AF100: This 3-quart version is on the lower end of the price spectrum, but it does the job quite nicely. Ninja is known for quality products, so that aspect plays a huge role in consumer recognition and purchasing. It’s one of the easiest to use, and cleaning isn’t that bad.

New Wave Brio Air Fryer: This is one of the smaller options, which makes cleaning a little harder, but at the price point of $59.99 at Wal-Mart, it’s a great starting point to figure out if you’re even about that air fryer life.


Philips Digital Air Fryer: If you’re ready to go all-in and up your air frying cooking capacity, this air fryer holds up to 1.8 pounds of food, has a two-year warranty (the two above only have a 1-year warranty), and all parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

Main Takeaways

If you like to indulge in deep-fried food more than a little, you’d greatly benefit from an air fryer. Hopefully, this article gives you a bit of insight, and you feel like you’re ready to see what the air fryer has to offer your household.

Have fun eating all those foods that used to be bad for you––guilt-free!

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